Light and magic

The light creates a special atmosphere at home. If you're preparing a romantic supper or expecting guests, there's nothing like candles or lanterns to lit the room. You can choose from a wide range of candles (scented, floating, tealights, different shapes and colors) and candle-sticks (metal, glass, plastic, standing or hanging, for one candle or more).

I'm very fond of natural soft light of candles, it reminds me of my childhood and long evenings in the cottage house without electricity. Well, I'm a romantic soul so I dare to say the candlelight is necessary in every magical moment in our lives.


My book

Ten years ago I've written my first serious novel. It was the first novel I really liked and felt proud of. And I was so self-confident that I decided to publish it. And I succeeded! My dream came true, I was so happy.
The cover art was made by my best friend, Anna Bargiel. Thank you for your support.
Now I'm trying to publish my second book as well as starting a new story. So wish me luck.


I blog therefore I am

Thanks for visiting my blog!
So what can you find here? Mostly my musings on fashion and home decor. I love trying different styles. And I'm always looking for something new. As for home decor I love collecting beautiful things and making the flat a cosy place to live in. I hate modern flats full of empty spaces, steel, glass and plastic. I prefer warm and low interiors with muddle of old furniture and the scent of wood. I've always had the need to be close to the nature. And so I'm trying to find some nature in this ugly concrete jungle.