Merry and bright...

Christmas is the time when city streets are flooded with light. Snowflakes, stars, icebergs and fountains - everything made of tiny lights. And even when it's frosty there's nothing like a walk to downtown and a cup of hot chocolate.


Out now!!!

Hey! The new issue of Torii has been released! That's the first issue in color. And of course with my article inside! ^____^
Thanks, Hyo! ^.^
You can buy it in Empik or order here (also the previous issues): Kirin


From grandma's closet

The necklace and the ear clips are really old. That's why the faux gems lost some of their original shine. However the necklace still has its charm. And despite the brooch isn't made of gold, it has a special meaning to me as it belonged to my great grandmother. Vintage jewellery has the "soul" and even if the stones are fake, it can be a thing of a great value.