A year has passed

Today's my blog's first birthday. A year of blogging is not a big deal but the time has changed some things in my life.
I'm grateful for every comment you leave and thank you for following my blog. I hope you'll still enjoy reading my humble little blog.
Have a beautiful day!


7 komentarzy:

  1. Congratulations! Your blog is very beautyful! I like reading it!

  2. Thank you, I'm glad you like it :)

  3. Congratulations on your blog's birthday.
    O-tanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu.

  4. Dear Anne-Marie,
    thank you for stopping by!! :)
    I´m not very much here in bloggerland since there´s a lot of work to do in and around our house, but I appreciate all visits and comments. Happy blog-anniversary and many more years to go, I hope!
    Yes, I do remember very well the floods of water in Poland some time ago, but this time we had a similar scenario in Belgium. I´m glad that the water stopped at our doors and didn´t come in. Today the sun is shining again, but it´s still windy.
    All the best to you and a happy summertime,

  5. Congratulation on blog's birthday!
    I always enjoy your pictures of your selection, very inspiring :)