The cat that walked by himself

This cat image reminded me of a story by R. Kipling I read as a child. I was thinking what to use as the motif for the third box from the 3-piece set. And I found a napkin with cats. This one was small enough to fit the box. I also added a very slight golden shading and a bit of shabbiness. And the top is deep brown.

Since I couldn't get my usual paint I had to try something new. And I must admit this paint is really good. Quite thick but water soluble, dries quickly, applies easily though may require few coats to fully cover the surface. And it's cheap. I'm satisfied with the paint. If you tried it too, I'd be greatful for your opinion.

2 komentarze:

  1. motyw z kotkiem bardzo mi do całości pasuje, wyszło Ci niezmiernie urokliwe pudełeczko i stwierdzam to nie tylko z powodu mojej słabości do kotów :)

  2. dziękuję, miło mi to czytać :)