Candlelight evening

Yesterday I enjoyed the concert of Lute Duo - musicians who play the historical instruments. I've always had baroque music very much at heart so I was delighted with the performance. In the first part the musicians played the lutes and in the second one - baroque guitar and theorbo. The sound of those beautiful and rare instruments made great impression on me and my man. The concert was simply brilliant! And we met the artists and got the autographs :)
Lute Duo are:
Anna Kowalska
Anton Birula

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  1. HI:)
    Beautiful blog :)
    and moody
    Invite me
    I will be happy

  2. Dzięki za odwiedziny i miłe słowa :)

  3. wyobrażam sobie jak musiało być nastrojowo i pięknie dla ucha :)