Spring walk

Today was a really beautiful and warm day so I went for a walk with my finace. He took some photos. I've never been in that part of the park before so I was delighted with the carpet of daisies under my feet.

dress - Stylownia Shop
cardigan - C&A
sunglasses - Bijou Brigitte
earrings - Ko-ara
necklace - gift from my fiance


Shabby lilacs

So finally here it is - my first object (successfully) decorated with decoupage technique.
Nothing special but it's my first time - so please be gentle to me. I was thinking of adding a violet ribbon or cream lace bow somewhere in the upper part, hm... Any suggestions?


Lovely flasks

When coming back from Egypt you can bring over ethnic jewellery, stone sphinx or scarab, a handful of sand or... a lovely glass perfume bottle! The egyptian bottles are absolutely must have because each of them is a tiny masterpiece.
The one I own is a gift from a pal.


Vintage kitchen

Some vintage utensils from my mother's kitchen. The coffee mill has the logo of Zassenhaus company (producer of high quality coffee and spice mills). On the second photo - a ceramic triple container for marmalades. Third photo - a creamer, quite old, probably from 50s or 60s. On the last photo - silver cutlery.


Cheer to the hearts

To cheer the hearts of those who mourns and to please the eyes of those who love and respect the nature.