Trendy garden

The latest "must have" for your garden is an urn! Marble, stone, metal or even plastic but it's a number one decoration this season. If you like French style or shabby chic, you'll love urns!


A day in the garden

I decided to share some photos from the Warsaw Botanic Garden. I spent a really beautiful day there with my fiance and his mother. And as we were drinking cappuccino in a cafe, a cute little bird (Parus major) joined us at the table.


Summer is close

Although the air is cool and it's often cloudy and rainy something is telling me that summer is close. And looking at those beautiful flowers I feel warmth inside and recall my past vacation.


Happy Mother's Day!

Best wishes from the bottom of my heart to my beloved mother! Yes, that's her on the photo. She's my bright star. Thank you for everything, mom.



I took those photos at the Kimono Exhibition in 2007. Tools used to create the pattern were also shown. I knew making a kimono (in a traditional way) requires a lot of work and time but I didn't realise how complex it is. That's why a kimono is a real treasure and it costs a fortune.



Spring walk 2

Enjoying a spring walk (despite capricious weather) I took some photos. After all Warsaw isn't as ugly as one might think.


Lily of the valley

I made another decoupage decorated cutting board. This time for my fiance's mother. And as it was created in May I found lily of the valley the most accurate motif.


Moroccan lamps

I have a weakness for Moroccan lamps and lanterns. Metal, openwork and colourful glass is a perfect combination. Some time ago I bought a Scandinavian lantern (2nd photo) which resembles Moroccan style and casts beautiful light reflections.
And today I unexpectedly found a tin jug (3rd photo) in a shop not far from my place. So I can put a one tick mark on my wishlist.



Lilac is definitely my favourite bush. The colour and the scent of the blossom are just perfect. And that's why I'm really happy that Yves Rocher (producer of natural cosmetics) has a lilac eau de toilette in its stores.
The last two photos show bunches of white lilacs I got from my pals yesterday.


One third

I was playing with decoupage again and this is what I made. A small wooden box which is a part of a three-piece set. This time I used a rose motif and antique gold paint as a base for the shabby look.


Colours of spring

Spring is a wonderful season - plants and animals are waking from the winter sleep and the city's greyness is being gradually flooded by colours. Those fresh and vivid colours are waking my mind and soul as well.