I made another decoupage decorated cutting board. But this time with golden shading. I used 'antique gold' paint as the bottom layer and 'blossom' as the top layer.


The gig

Yesterday I was at the 5th edition of Peter and Paul Festival. My fiance was playing with his band Fade Away. It was a really great night.
If you want to listen to their music, click here.


Summer solstice event

Yesterday I was neither making wreaths nor jumping over bonfire. I was at the concert of Beltaine Improved (Sebastian Madejski - vocal, dulcimer, guitar; my fiance - bass; Malwina Stachurska - keyboard; Marta Łukaszewska - performance) and had a great time with some friends.
As this special night had much to do with folklore I decided on boho style clothes.
blouse - Indian
skirt - Clockhouse
necklace - bought at a local market and recycled
earrings and bracelet - Indian


Rural life of the past

Every year in summer I dream of vacation in the countryside. And finding some old rustic things to decorate my small flat.
And as I visit some museums of countryside I sadly realize that the real Polish countryside with its tradition and folklore is now gradually vanishing. Fortunately there are some places where the folklore is alive and well so I hope the next generations will know various aspects of rural life not only from the paintings of Józef Chełmoński.

on the first photo - wayside shrines in Duszniki-Zdrój