My little bird

I promised to show you my bird figurine. And here it is. Not a very pretty one (I don't like the stone-like thing under bird's feet, perhaps I'll customize it one day) but it looks quite nice with the other things on my cupboard.


Blue Tit

I finally decorated a box from the 3-piece set. As you can see it's totally different from the first box but I really don't mind the style because I simply try to improve my skills in decoupage.
I needed something small so I chose the Blue Tit motif. The top is painted deep olive green.
And this is how the box looked before:


Before you enter

To make your house/flat welcome and cozy you should start from the very beginning. So a doormat is an important thing either. I don't like plain boring doormats. I prefer them unusual and showing the character of the interior or the owner's personality. I'm still trying to find a nice doormat for my flat.
After I moved in here I got this cool shoe cleaner (upper photo) but I thought it's too cute to use it so it's just a decoration.


Great Tit

I decorated a hair brush for my mum. She likes small birds so I chose tit motif. There is also a delicate green shading but it's barely visible on the photo.


A year has passed

Today's my blog's first birthday. A year of blogging is not a big deal but the time has changed some things in my life.
I'm grateful for every comment you leave and thank you for following my blog. I hope you'll still enjoy reading my humble little blog.
Have a beautiful day!




Hurray! I was enough lucky to win those beautiful and unique handmade hanger cases. I'm so happy.
Thank you, Ita! They're gorgeous!


A day at the museum

Yesterday I went to the National Archeological Museum in Warsaw. I haven't been there for years so I thought it's high time to visit it again. The vast amount of amazing objects they have is surely impressive.