Indian summer

Taking advantage of beautiful weather I went to a nice little town not far from my city. I spent a charming day walking around and admiring lovely colours of sunny autumn.



So I'm back. I've been to Poznań, the city I visited many times as a kid. And those are the things I brought with me - a cinnamon stick, cotton seeds, a retro postcard and a tea infuser.


Fabulous folk

I like fashion that uses folk elements although I'm not sure if I could stand the total look. I'd rather wear some jewellery, scarf or belt. I really adore the brooch that belonged to my grandma. It is "parzenica", a characteristic decorative motif of Polish highlanders. And on the photo you can see my grandma and grandpa wearing traditional highlanders' costumes.


Lovely lavender

Lavender has become a real hit this season although this aromatic plant has been known for centuries. There are multiple uses of lavender. And this particular colour is extremely trendy.
I love the fragrance of lavender and if I suffer from insomnia, lavender essential oil is very helpful. I'm also fond of lavender earl grey tea, lavender eau de toilette and natural soap.