Nowy stary świecznik

Ten metalowy świeczniczek nabyłam parę lat temu, ale do tej pory tylko stał na półce i pokrywał się kurzem. Jego wygląd pozostawiał sporo do życzenia, więc postanowiłam dokonać metamorfozy. Oryginalna szybka - przezroczysta z krzywo namalowanym roześmianym słonkiem - została zastąpiona szafirowoniebieską (ale myślę, że i ją z czasem zmienię, może na lusterko). A cały świecznik pomalowałam na biało i polakierowałam. Jakiś czas temu bardzo polubiłam biel i teraz stosuję równie często jak faworyzowane dawniej ecru.



I decided to change my nickname to Anabel because there are too many Anne-Marie's in the net. Another change concerns the language - from now on I will write the posts only in Polish.

Postanowiłam zmienić mój pseudonim na Anabel, ponieważ w sieci jest zbyt wiele osób o imieniu Anna-Maria. Kolejna zmiana dotyczy języka - od tej pory będę pisać posty tylko w języku polskim.


Recycling is trendy


Visiting one of my favourite shops I found a basket filled with so called junk - damaged goods you can buy for a symbolic price. So I bought a damaged cast iron candleholder in order to recycle it.
First I cut off the other half of the candleholder (the second 'plate' that holds a candle was missing) and got rid of horrible plastic rosebuds attached to its lower parts. Then I used a file to remove the burrs. And eventually I painted the candleholder white.
On the last photo you can see my first lavender harvest (but not last I hope) - a very tiny bouquet but I'm glad anyway :)


Candy! My autumn giveaway

I proudly announce my first candy/giveaway. You can win this shabby sparrow box and opalite-hematite earrings.

Sorry, ONLY for the European bloggers!

The rules are the following:

1. Leave a comment under this post, declaring you want to participate in my candy/giveaway
2. If you become a follower, you won't miss the result
3. Spread the word: blog owners, please, copy a chosen picture signed as "candy" or "giveaway" and put them on the sidebar of your blog with a link back to my candy post. If you don't have a blog, you can leave your e-mail to keep in touch
4. The candy/giveaway closes at midnight 10th December 2010 (Central European Time)
5. I'll announce the winner on the next day - 11th December 2010

Good luck :)


Candlelight evening

Yesterday I enjoyed the concert of Lute Duo - musicians who play the historical instruments. I've always had baroque music very much at heart so I was delighted with the performance. In the first part the musicians played the lutes and in the second one - baroque guitar and theorbo. The sound of those beautiful and rare instruments made great impression on me and my man. The concert was simply brilliant! And we met the artists and got the autographs :)
Lute Duo are:
Anna Kowalska
Anton Birula


Lavender dreams

My new purchases - white jug from Ikea and a small porcelain figurine of a bunny. I adore bunnies so I'm thinking of starting a kind of collection :) And I think the lavender bouquet looks much better in the jug than in the milk churn. On the last photo you can see the lavender bush in a pot I got from my man few days ago. I changed the pot, put the plant on a balcony and cut down the flowers. I hope winter won't damage the plant.